Let me conquer you... I'll wear something short and sexy... Look me in the eyes! So attractive... so capturing... My full lips... I can see you're dying to kiss them... Now you're moving closer to me... You smell my perfume... You smell my skin... The tension is ever increasing...

My head is slightly inclined, my fingers run slowly through my hair, move them aside and reveal my tender and wonderful neck; you kiss it softly...

We're waiting for dinner, so you'll have to be patient, for 'dessert' will only be served in the end... Nevertheless will I let you on about what's in store for you, once we're at your place... Do you want to know, what's going to happen later that night? Well, then there's only one thing you should do: invite me.

My offer:
We'll meet in a nice restaurant in Basel at 7 p.m. for a nice candle-light dinner.
We'll have fun together and we'll do what I promised you.
Then, we'll take a cab to your place.
It'll be a an unforgettable night full of passion, promised.

CHF 1000.– for about 5 hours.

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Note: you can book candle-light dinners with other ladies too.

Lifestyle arrangements are directed at men, women and couples who would like to spend some more time with one of our ladies, and who offer a special supporting program. The ladies who work for us all enjoy their escort activities very much; they enjoy it even more if the date is not only limited to sexual practices. That's where our Lifestyle Arrangement come in: this way, you will get to spend more time with a lady than usual. Please note that prices vary with program and the choice of the lady.

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