Spending more time with Escort Basel arrangements

Spending more time with Escort Basel arrangements

Arrangments give our clients - male, female, couples - the possibility to spend more time with our Escort Ladies for a fair price.

Why do we offer this Arrangments? Our Ladies enjoy their job as an escort. And they like both the adventurous and the erotic aspect of it. They love to have the chance to get to know you, and enhance the atmosphere before getting to the physical part. In other words, our Ladies, like any other lady, enjoy a supporting program beside the erotic one.

For you as a client as well, it can be far more satisfactory to enjoy more time with your Escort. Why not having a nice candle-light dinner? A night out at the opera? Or maybe a relaxing afternoon in the local spa before getting down to business?

Our Arrangments will cost you less for the time you get to spend with your Lady. Just contact us for ideas. We will be happy to put a supporting program together for you, be that dinner, wellness, a picnic, you name it..

Of course, you can put together your own Arrangments invitation for a Lady. An invitation should contain some information about yourself, about the suggested program (what, where, etc.), the duration and a price offer. Our escort Ladies are looking forward to your invitation!