.:: Philosophy

Really enjoying an erotic date means taking some time and care for each other. Why not initiate the evening with a tasty dinner? Give your companion the chance to get to know you better. Get in the mood… — Remember, your companion takes pleasure in eroticism; try to build up the right ambiance… Nascotte considers not only the gentlemen, but also the companions as highly estimated customers. We believe a companion must feel secure in collaboration with Nascotte to bring all her natural charm. Therefore we maintain intensive relationship with all companions. We attach great importance that you also treat them with a lot of respect.

.:: Nascotte helps you to choose the companion that fit best with your needs

Have you already decided for a companion? Please study carefully the profiles. Compare your erotic ideas with those of your possible companions. Do you find correspondence? We dispose of a maximum of information about all companions, we attach great importance to give you optimal assistance in taking your right choice.

.:: Duration of the Booking | Planning

We aim to enable a perfect date between you and your companion. The duration of the booking should be respected. However, a date must not be discontinued in the event of delay. In such a case, it can be extended by phone with minimal effort. Thus a retard should not stand in the way of a nice and enriched evening. As a matter of course, minimal delays will go at our expenses.

.:: About the erotic menu

Over the arranged duration of time, you are supposed to be utilising the services of your companion. A date procured through Nascotte means enjoying easy-going and cultivated conversation and eroticism with the companion of your choice. All you have to do is respecting the statements given on her preferred erotic activities. Thus the correct choice of your companion is crucial. If you are in doubt, please contact us, we are glad to help you. .:: Specials Please contact us if you have erotic wishes which are not offered explicitly by our companions. Or please consult the category „Eroticism Extra“ to find out, if your companion is willing to offer the requested service. The requested fees can vary, depending on your companion.

.:: Something important in the end

Please consider, you should also be offering something to your companion. We would like to ask you to treat her with high respect, to be honest, friendly and obliging. Your companion will remunerate you with an excellent service. Even though you are to pay fees to your companion, both of you will be equal partners during the entire duration of the date. Please remind: “What you give is what you get! Be a gentleman!”